Friday, July 13, 2012

The Hash House

For a few of the days that my Stunt Guy was in town, his Mum was also with us. Mimi is an incredibly interesting woman. She's done a lot of really amazing things in her life and has a constant deluge of ideas coming out of her brain. I'm a big fan of hers. I was working my socks off this last couple of weeks. The Circus is going through a busy time, and my Stunt Guy was off at a convention that Mimi was also helping out at. So there wasn't much opportunity for us to have any family time. 
We managed to swing breakfast though on Mimi's way out of town. 

She is an avid fan of Chopped and she wanted to check out The Hash House, which is a Las Vegas breakfast spot that I'd vaguely heard of but never tried. It's up past the strip in a little shopping center. Very out of the way and definitely more of a locals spot than a flashy spot. 

The restaurant itself was pretty cute and old timey. Mary, the owner was also working as host and she seemed a little surprised that Mimi had seen her on Chopped. The restaurant was pretty quiet at 10am on a Tuesday.

Mary specializes in Hashes, and they were very prominent on the menu.

This is the Super Hash that my Stunt Guy ordered. It's basically a blend of all of their other hashes. Perfect when you don't know what you want and man it was absolutely delicious.

Mimi went for the Corned Beef hash, which was also really delicious. Not quite as interesting as the Super Hash, much more simply, but really good.

Me, it was Poached Eggs and Turkey Bacon. I was in the mood for something light, mostly because we had hit up Tacos El Gordo (for the fifth time) the night before. I have to say, this restaurant sure knows how to poach an egg. They were perfect.

After our food had been served, the incredibly timid waitress came over with a tray of little cups of homemade jellies. That's the tray in the picture above. We were really sad that they didn't lead with that tray, because we agreed we all would have ordered toast so we could try more jellies. The waitress also wasn't very confident on what the jellies actually were, but she did give it a valiant (if meek) attempt. She was sweet as pie but very timid. The jellies we did try, splitting up Stunt Guy's order of toast, were amazing. He loved the Apple Jalapeno, and I thought the Passionfruit was excellent. The Pineapple was also really good.

I'd love to head back to the Hash House and order their Super Hash some time. I'd also make sure I got a couple of rounds of toast to try their jelly tray. I wasn't crazy about the interior of the restaurant, it could certain do with a bit of freshening up inside if it's going to gain in popularity, but the food was really really good. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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