Thursday, August 23, 2012

So I Made This Tart

Yesterday it rained all day long. Bear in mind the enormity of this statement since I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and it's summer. It never rains here. Yesterday was glorious. I sat on my couch. I drank tea, I worked on a project, I read a book, I watched television, I made a tart.

I opened all the blinds in my apartment so that I could watch the rain and I stayed in my pajamas for the bulk of the day. My last surgery is done so I'm healing up now, which is awesome and scary. I have an ultrasound next week that will tell me if I'm healing properly. I'm hoping it'll be a yes.

So, with the healing and the rain I made a tart. It was a Peach and Mango tart and I put walnuts in the topping. I liked the taste of the filling and I baked it for 40 minutes. It didn't look done. I kept it in for ten more. Still no dice. 5 more minutes. Nothing. I finally pulled it out at an hour and five minutes, terrified that it was burnt on the bottom.

I brought it in to work today. Tasted it here. It's not my finest work. I think the temperature of the oven needed to be higher, or maybe I needed to blind bake the crust. Regardless, I wanted a much firmed crust and a crunchy topping and that is not what I got.

So, I have no recipe for you today. I just have a picture of a tart that didn't really work. I'll give it another go someday. I will say, though, that Mango and Peach is a winning filling combination. You should try it. Let me know how it goes. Succeed better than me. 

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