Friday, April 5, 2013

Liquid Diet

I would regale you with all the tales of the awesome food coming out of my kitchen, but I really have none to tell. I've been on a pretty liquid diet for the last little bit because my show is dark for a week. To the average person living in Las Vegas, having a week off work when you can't go anywhere pretty much turns into one thing.... day drinking!

I have, though, eaten a couple of really good things which I managed to be smart enough to take a few pics of, so please consider this an interim post, sharing with you a couple of highlights of food sandwiched between a lot of cheap Tempranillo, Redd's Apple Ale (love the name!), Buddha Beer and Gimlets.

The beach house breakfast I made for Larry, Justin and Amee when I spent a whirlwind 25 hours in Newport beach a few weeks ago.

The KJ Steamer at Joe's Crab Shack. I subbed shrimp in because I wasn't in the mood for mussels. Snow crab is just one of the most delicious things ever. This was the day I got permission to go play hooky from work and see a concert with my hot boyfriend.

This burger looks weird, and to a degree it was a let down because it was ordered medium rare and arrived well done, but on it was truffled cheese and bacon onion jam. That really made up for it. This was also the night that we were planning to go to the gym after work but decided a crappy day meant we would go to the Yardhouse instead.

Oh Brio. Home of Cucumber Basil Gimlets, and this Three Tomato Insalata with Chicken. Divine and yummy and just the fortification I needed to spend an afternoon shopping with the lovely Dani. She and I really are the worst together. We egg each other on when it comes to buying clothes almost as much as when it comes to ordering cocktails.

I realize that posts like this make it sound like I have this really epic fabulous life. To a degree, I do. but I'm only showing you the highlights, not the other 97% of the time.

It's a really nice 3% though.

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  1. This all looks so delicious, especially the salad at the bottom!