Friday, February 10, 2012

Charred Cabbage and Midnight Snacks

I'm a snacker in general. It really is my dieting downfall. I deeply love munching on things throughout the day at any opportunity. I'm the girl that will always take the cookie/cracker/grapes/fries that you offer. I can't actually keep snacks in my desk at work because I will eat them all within a day.

The one type of snack though that I tend to allow myself (and greatly look forward to)is the midnight snack. See, my bizarre schedule means that I frequently get home at around 11:50pm. When I get home, after the required hug from my guy and wandering over to pick up the mail, I tend to pour myself a glass of wine and grab myself a snack. Sometimes on the way home I place an order for a Johntoe, which is a microwaved baked potato that, for some reason, is succulent and divine and perfectly seasoned. The reason why it is a Johntoe is that John makes them. He calls them Johntatoes, but I ignore that and choose to shorten it. Also, I think it's funnier my way. I swear I don't know how that boy does it but they are just delicious.

Sometimes, I'll make myself an egg, or just some toast. If we have it in the house, though, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to make charred cabbage. I never really thought of cabbage as snack food before I made this. Most people think of cabbage as wet and sauerkrautish. They think of pale boiled cabbage and things that are uninteresting. For me, though, cabbage is delicious, texturey yumminess.

The other good thing about this snack is that it's actually pretty healthy, which means less calories, which means more available for wine. Hurrah!

Charred Cabbage

This really isn't a recipe, it's rather directions for yumminess.

Take a non-stick pan and place it over a medium heat.
Take a cabbage, either Napa or regular and cut a wedge out of it. I usually make my wedges about an inch and a half thick. You want to cut them on a vertical so you are keeping part of the stem. This holds it together.
Pour a little olive oil on one side of the wedge, grind over some salt and pepper and place it oil side down in the pan. Then, drizzle some more olive oil on the other side that is now pointing up. Salt and pepper it again and then leave it.
After a few minutes, the edge against the pan will start to brown. You want this to be pretty dark, almost black.
When it's well charred, flip the wedge. Cook the other side in a similar fashion, knowing it will take less time to cook than the first side.
When it's done, flip it on a plate and enjoy with a fork. The edges will be deliciously crispy and salty, while the green parts should be just cooked.

So, what is your favorite midnight snack?

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  1. Thanks so much for this idea! I also like snacking on cabbage leaves, but this would satisfy my salt and something "crunchy" cravings. I'm going to try this tonight.