Sunday, November 27, 2011

Daring Kitchen: Sans Rival

This month's Daring Baker challenge was to make Filipino desserts. I picked Sans Rival, which is a layer cake with French Buttercream. I have to say, I wasn't crazy about the meringue-like cakes but the French Buttercream....

I have forever detested buttercream frosting on cakes. I find it sweet and greasy, it has no good flavor to me, and I would often scrape it off or avoid the cake entirely. But oh how I have been shown the light! The French Buttercream that I made for this recipe is absolutely and completely fantastic. It's gooey and tasty and smooth and rich. I made mine with salted butter because I love the salty sweet taste. I feel like I'll be coming up with a few cakes in the future that feature this new found joyous concoction. The Sans Rival recipe can be found on Catherine's blog, Munchie Musings.

Try this Buttercream. It's completely brilliant.

Salted Vanilla French Buttercream

5 Egg Yolks at room temperature
1 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Water
10oz Salted Butter (2 1/2 Sticks) at room temperature
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Beat the egg yolks with a mixture on high speed. They will turn lemon yellow and double in size. Meanwhile, in a saucepan mix the water and sugar over a medium heat, stirring until the sugar is just barely dissolved. Mix the sugar syrup in with the egg yolks a tablespoon at a time and continue mixing until it is all combined and the mixture is at room temperature or the butter will melt in the next step.
Mix the butter in a tablespoon at until until all is in and smooth.
Refrigerate for an hour before using if possible, then beat smooth. It is nigh impossible to not lick the spoon.


  1. I think you must be used to more of a quick buttercream. A quick buttercream is easier to make and easier to handle but you are right - there is no comparison. This buttercream is very rich and not over-sweet in my opinion. Yours looks very nice.