Monday, September 3, 2012

Eggworks and the Rare and Awesome Server

It's been a while, but I figured I should talk about one of my favorite Las Vegas Brunch Spots. Eggworks is pretty near the airport and handy to hit up on your way in and out of town. It's always busy and the food is consistently good. The last time I was there we were also lucky enough to have a really incredible server. Though we didn't order one, she brought us one of their yummy bran muffins, just so we could try it.

The muffin was super tasty and I was happy I got to give it a go.

It was definitely a morning where healthier options were the preference. My Stunt Guy went for an Egg White Omelet packed with veggies and topped with tomatoes and feta cheese.With a side of fruit. Really yummy.

I went for a Spinach Eggs Benedict with the hollandaise on the side. I like hollandaise a lot, but I've only recently become accustomed to ordering it, and I always get it on the side now... I don't like my eggs to drown. My plate was pretty darn perfect. The eggs had a great poach on them, the spinach was nice and fresh, the hollandaise well balanced. All in all, I was a happy camper.

I have to say, I get super happy when I'm at a restaurant and the wait staff is actually fun and nice and attentive and good at their jobs but not too overly hovery. I wish I knew the name of the lady so I could give her a proper shout out. She was really great, and that is a rare thing.

So yeah, definitely give Eggworks a shot if you're looking for something yummy one morning!

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