Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bread and Butter

I confess, my Stunt Guy and I rarely eat out. We're on a really tight budget (which will hopefully get some breathing room soon, with him heading back to the East Coast for work) but every so often we have a mini food-splurge. The episode of How I Met Your Mother that we were watching last Saturday heavily featured brunch, which of course made us crave it, so we decided to have Sunday brunch like a normal couple. It's an odd thing, since with my schedule Sunday is what other people would consider a Thursday.

Anyways, I poked around Yelp for some brunch places in Henderson and was surprised to find a very well reviewed one quite near me called Bread and Butter. Again, since we don't eat out much we hadn't discovered it yet. Sometimes I wonder what else we've missed in the last 13 months.

We headed over to Bread and Butter and were greeted by display cases of yummy looking pastries.

They also had an entire fridge dedicated to root beer, which I thought was quite neat.

Their brunch menu was a bit limited, and they were out of the first thing that I wanted to order, but the girl behind the counter steered us towards the Breakfast Pizza, which she said was perfect for sharing. Sounds awful, I know, but it was potatoes, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and scrambled eggs on a very thin crust. We added Sausage, which is Stunt Guy's go-to meat addition (he's not into bacon, which I find peculiar).

When it arrived it was, indeed, perfect for sharing. The crust was delightfully thin, so it didn't add any kind of oily weight to the pizza. The scrambled eggs on top were delightfully fluffy, and I really enjoyed the sausage addition. All in all, it was perfectly yummy and definitely big enough to share... we had two pieces left over.

We also hit the pastry case, picking out a Fruit Tart, a Jam Doughnut, and Bread Pudding.

The Fruit Tart was really nice. I was initially concerned about the hairy kiwi, but thankfully it turned out okay. I think the big thing with this tart is that it just looked so gorgeous. You really do eat with your eyes.

The Jam Doughnut was ridiculous. Exploding with Jam, if you picked it up the weight it had was insane... heavier than a baseball. You could do some serious damage if you chose to chuck that thing at someones head.

It was impossible to eat in a really delightful way. The outer layer was thin and crispy, with just the right amount of chew.

There was honestly probably way too much jam, though. We left a sad little pool of it in the bowl. It also got all over our hands in a fantastically Macbethian way.

I'm a bad judge of Bread Pudding. I have fond childhood memories of this dessert, so it's a tall order for someone to catch up. This was... okay. I wanted more cinnamon and for it to be gooier. But it was certainly quite edible and yummy.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty cute and quirky. There aren't really servers, so you need to just go in and order at the counter and then find yourself a seat. Everyone was really friendly, which was a nice thing. The place was quite busy on a Sunday but not overly so. We didn't have to wait for a table and our food arrived pretty speedily.

On the way out, my Stunt Guy went and grabbed a fortune cookie out of the jar and was greeted with the most utterly random fortune either of us had ever seen.

In sum, this was a neat little brunch spot. I hear their Kale salad is really good, so I'll probably go back and try that when I get a chance. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you find yourself South East of the Vegas Strip.

So what is your must-have brunch menu item?

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