Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whilst I'm Not Cooking #3

We interrupt this carefully planned week of cooking, giveaway results and other food blogging to bring you a new segment. We're going to call it "Fun With Laproscopic Appendectomies!". Catchy, no?
Way back last Saturday, my awesome Stunt Guy, John, was feeling a bit off in his tummy. On Sunday he upped this to "discomfort", then on Monday he was upping it to "man, this kinda hurts". Coming from him, that was a pretty strong statement. He has a really high threshold for pain. So, I went off to work and he decided he was going to rest up. Then, a couple of hours later I got a fantastically worrisome text that said "Can we afford an ER visit?".
So of course, I dropped everything and went to get him and took him to the ER. Then, around 2am they confirmed what we had been suspecting... appendicitis. He'd have to have an appendectomy really really soon. So, they admitted him to the hospital to yoink the offending vestigial organ.

This is my proof of life picture from after the surgery. Boy, was he ever miserable and hungry. They released him about 27 hours after surgery and I now have him bundled up at home while he eats chicken noodle soup and drinks ginger ale. He was supposed to be moving cross country on Sunday, but we've held that up by a couple of days. Of course, my world is kind of upside down right now too, and the house is a mess, and I think I'll need to order chinese tonight because the pantry is not exactly stocked, but hey, my guy is okay and thats really about all I need right now.

I do have a food picture for you though. Whilst in the hospital, John was actually served this meal of Filet Mignon with Broccoli and Twice Baked Potatoes. The steak itself was pretty good, though the potatoes were crappy. I mostly really dug the fact that they made the plate pretty.

So, here is what I had planned to make this weekend:

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons from The Sweets Life

Pork Chops in Garlic and Wine from The Pioneer Woman

*Update! I made this and I have to say, it was completely delicious. I highly recommend trying this recipe out!

We were supposed to have dinner with the lovely Mary, but that didn't exactly pan out.

So, give me a couple of days to get my guy on his feet, myself back to work, and a bunch of other stuff done around the house and then I'll be back with recipes and giveaway winners!

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