Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just a Normal Saturday and Channeling Lynn Chen

I'm a big big fan of Lynn Chen's blog The Actor's Diet. Lynn chronicles her life as an actress and a foodie. She walks you through her diet every day. I adore her blog and find it just fascinating. I love having a glimpse into her life each day. When I wake up in the morning, hers is the first blog I read. So, today I decided I would channel Lynn Chen.

Today I'm going to show you what a normal Saturday is like for me.

I'm awake at 10:30am. Sounds lazy, but thats normal since I don't get home until midnight. I'm also not pushing myself to get up because my stunt guy is still healing from his surgery and needs to sleep. So, first up is a small bowl of oatmeal with skim milk and some maple syrup. Just enough energy to get me up and off to the gym.

I managed to put in a good two mile run. I'm training for a 5K in two weeks so I'm still working on my pace a lot. I I just started tracking my workouts on DailyMile. You can friend me if you use it too!

Then it was bath and multivitamin time. I'm awful about drinking enough water, so I take my multivitamin in liquid form. This is called On The Go and I drink it every day. The taste is pretty good, though you have to stir a bunch to dissolve it. I always take baths, unless I'm in a huge hurry. I like having a little bit of time to stop moving every day. You can see in the background my Queen ElizaBath. She's a rubber ducky version of Queen Elizabeth I. I adore her though some people think she is creepy.

Next up it's off to Trader Joe's and the Fuzzies store with my Stunt Guy. We have a few things we like to do every weekend, like drink Bubble Tea and play Jenga, but we missed a lot of that because he was in the hospital this weekend. One thing we usually do is go to the pet store and play with the puppies and bunnies.

There were a bunch of adorable ones today.

I was particularly fond of this furball. We don't have a dog, but we do really want one. It'll be a while though... we really need to be living in a house to accommodate a puppy along with our two cats.

Next door to the Fuzzies store is a Trader Joe's. My guy adores samples so we always stop in to see what they have.
Corned Beef hash, not too bad but it needed an acid component.

Here's the recipe.

We then grabbed mini cups of coffee to enjoy while we shopped. This coffee was really lovely. I may get some at a later date.

This was our haul, less than $16. I made sure to pick up Ginger Chews because they are Lynns favorite. I figured I couldn't channel her properly without getting some of them. We also picked up a beer for my Stunt Guy for when he is off his painkillers and a bottle of wine for me. I love this $2 Sangiovese. It's quite drinkable and within our budget. I tend to pick up a bottle every time we go to TJ's.

I tried a Ginger Chew. I liked it a lot, it was sweet and spicy but not too spicy. Really really chewy. It was also quite satisfying in some way. I'm a fan.

Then I packed up my lunch for work, making a sandwich on my favorite bread.

I make my own bread, but when I want a little splurge I buy the Parmesan Sourdough bread from Fresh & Easy. It's absolutely delicious.

Half an avocado, some deli sliced turkey, tomato and goats cheese... this one was Humboldt Fog, which I happened to score on sale a couple of days ago. This is one fantastic sandwich.

Then it was off to work. I stopped for lollipops at Target and road tested a Mango one. Quite lovely... I'm really okay with this whole candy thing. I have a sweet tooth and it sure takes the edge off.

I always find it a bit odd that I have to walk through a casino to get to work, but thats part of working for the Circus in Las Vegas.

I like to snack at work a lot, and here is what I munched on while I updated a bunch of paperwork. Popcorn with salt, pepper and zero calorie I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray... my new favorite condiment. I also grabbed my one cup of coffee. I used to drink about 6 a day, but I cut down because of how many calories I was ingesting. I like my coffee sweet.

Then later it was lunch time. I had a sweet potato with more butter spray and half the amazing sandwich.

I finished this off with Strawberry Energy Crystal Light, another Ginger Chew, and a Root Beer Lollipop. I like the Mango better.

Then it was off to do a show. I usually eat an hour and a half before first show, and then I have dinner between shows. This way I'm not ravenous when I get home from work. Here's dinner... some leftover Fried Rice from ordering in when my Stunt Guy got out of Surgery, a cup of Chai Tea and a delicious apple.

Then after another show I hit the road and headed home to my guy. I grabbed a slice of toast with some avocado on it to finish out the day, and then enjoyed a glass of wine while we watched some TV together. This is the last of the wine I was given for Valentine's day. It's very complex, and I really like it, but it's not my favorite.

So that was my day. It was a pretty normal one for me. I really enjoyed journaling my day so I think it is something that I'll do again in the future. I liked being hyper-aware of all the things I ate today. I found it neat and informative. I'm definitely glad to have channeled Lynn Chen! She continues to be a blogging inspiration.

Most of all, I'm happy to have discovered Ginger Chews.

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