Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye, Hello

A while I posted about how I had lost the use of my A key, which made me very sad when wanting to do things like talk about Avocado's. I've been working on this new big voiceover project, and my computer has not been handing it well at all this whole time. It's lost entire chapters of the book. Twice.

 It's finally gotten to be too much for me, so I made the tough decision to go ahead and pick up a new computer. This meant purging my entire savings account. It made me sad, but it was the right choice. I've always named my machines. So, Goodbye Della, hello Evelyn.

I'm happy about the new member of my family, and I'm incredibly excited about the recipe I'll be bringing you tomorrow! Watch this space!


  1. Evelyn, for Eve of the Garden of Eden apple? Clever.... Unless, it's a family name and I'm getting carried away!?
    I too have a new Mac. I'm totally in love with her. Sadly, still unnamed. I'll get into that. A trusty steed needs a name.

    1. Ooh Danielle, I wish I'd been that smart, but no. I've named my computers alphabetically since my first laptop back when I started college. Anna, Bella, Celia and Della have all come and gone. I just really like the name Evelyn and I wanted to choose something that didn't end with A, you know, to be a rebel.

      My rule is that everything that is either $1000 or more, or part of your family, gets a name. Except my car. I hate my car.