Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whilst I'm Not Cooking #6

Lets see. Whats new? Well, my new roommate moved in. I booked tickets to go visit my Stunt Guy in June. I then put an adorable count down to this on my phone because I'm a giant dork. We've given up on the idea of going to Europe in August, but hopefully we will have a lovely mini-vacation in Florida instead and then go and visit my family in December if money works out.

I've been cooking some on the weekends, which is good! Here are some recipes that I'm probably going to try and make someday. New at the bottom of this post is a link to all the other Whilst I'm Not Cooking posts. Since I'm actually making things from them, I'm updating them with notes and putting a little counter on how many of the recipes I've made. Check them out!

Blue Cheese, Hazelnut and Honey Polenta from Joy the Baker

Warm, Crisp and a Little Melty Croutons from Smitten Kitchen

Mini Donut Muffins from The Sweets Life

Parmesan Cheese Spread from 101 Cookbooks

Strawberry Passionfruit Tart from Desserts for Breakfast

The Photo in this post is entitled "Tabular" and you can buy it here.

Whilst I'm Not Cooking #5 Made 1/5
Whilst I'm Not Cooking #4 Made 1/5
Whilst I'm Not Cooking #3 Made 1/2
Whilst I'm Not Cooking #2 Made 0/5
Whilst I'm Not Cooking #1 Made 2/5

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